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    • Amee-Tatiana
    • Raganya
    • (061) 641-6714
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    • South Africa
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    • Qualification Name:Diploma in Fashion design
      Qualification Type:Other
      Name of Institution:Design
      Graduation Year:11/26/2018
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    • Start Date:07/29/2020
      End Date:09/30/2019
      Company NameCape Town fashion council
      Company Type:Other Service Providers
      Name of Program:Fashion design internship
      Position Held:
      Internship Type:Experiential Learning (PT)

      Start Date:02/01/2019
      End Date:07/28/2019
      Company NameStyle by Danielle
      Company Type:Design
      Name of Program:Fashion stylist intern
      Position Held:
      Internship Type:Full time
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    Registered Graduates:59
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