Incubation Programme

2020 | 2021

The Cape Town Fashion Council’s Cluster Incubation programme is designed to take start-up and emerging designers to the next level of business in fashion.

The programme is aimed at developing designers further by bridging the gap from a micro-brand to a sustainable business. The CTFC will activate partnerships to expand the  programme’s business network, knowledge-base and capabilities with support from industry partners and stakeholders and mentors.

The CTFC Studio has an open-plan New York-style inspired face brick & slate interior specifically created to inspire fashion brands, business and design requirements. This industrial-style workspace, situated in the East City Precinct, allowing for easy access to multiple fabric stores, suppliers, parking and public transport.  

What does this Programme offer your brand?

CTFC Membership

Access to our preferred supplier’s list, online marketplace and workshops, patternmaking service, and the opportunity to network and collaborate with other designers and industry stakeholders.


One-on-one and group mentoring on best business practices, facilitated by industry professionals along the fashion value chain including business, marketing, financial planning, administrative system development and access to market.

Technical Assistance

A Studio Floor Manager will be available for guidance & assistance on a day to day basis.


Free access to WIFI, a desk with built in rails, and personal industrial sewing machine

Business Address

Designers will be able to use the CTFC offices as their business address:
The 79 Partnership Building,
79 Roeland, 8001,
Cape Town
Business Hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm

Shared access to Industrial Machinery & Equipment

2 x 4-Thread Overlockers
2 x 5-Thread Overlockers
2 x Cover Seam Machines
1 x Twin-Needle Machine
4 x Dress Makers Dummies & Figure Forms (Male & Females)
1 x Ironing Board with Bottle Iron
1 x Vacuum Ironing Board with swivelling sleeve arm
2 x Large Pattern & Cutting Tables

Who Should Apply

Must be 21 years of age and over

South African citizen, permanent resident or valid work permit

Must have established a fashion design brand or label

Post-graduate & Start-up

Must have a post-graduate qualification.

A minimum of 2 years’ industry experience.

A minimum of 6 months – 24 months in operation.

Emerging Designers

Must have a minimum NQF6 level tertiary education or 2 years’ industry experience.

A minimum of 2 years in operation.

Must have acquired or in the process of applying further business capital

(Due to equipment and machinery limitation CTFC will not be considering any accessories, lingerie or leather-work designers for the 2020-2021 program.)

Applicants Should be…


strong at administrative skills & tasks

highly work orientated, “Go-Getter”

proficient in time management

capable of making informed decisions and mitigating risks

respectful, reliable and trustworthy

able to work with and around others

able to create and maintain business partnerships

able to mitigate challenging circumstances into a beneficial adaption for your business

efficient in fashion design practices i.e., design, patterns making, etc

Things to consider before starting your application

Office space and programme available at partly subsidised rates.

Candidates to have their own laptop – including basic software i.e. Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Must have a Look book and product available for curation in the second round.

Designers will be required to operate their business from the studio. Production capacity is limited, only approved small runs can be produced within the space. (Designers are encouraged to utilise CMT’s to improve quality of product)

The duration of this program will run for one year and all qualifying candidates will be required to complete the program and sign a cluster contract. Failure to complete this programme, breach or default of the signed contract may result in penalties.

Must have reliable transport to get to and from the CTFC offices for day-to-day business and required workshops / mentorships / meetings.

Please note: The application form will need to be fully completed before your application can be saved and considered.

Application Deadline:

Friday, 17TH April 2020 @ midnight

Document Checklist:

(Documents to have ready to help complete your application).

  • Identity Number / Passport Number.
  • Digital Copy of your CV – to include internship experience.
  • Business registration number (start-ups: not yet required).
  • Company / business financials (bookkeeping records for your past financial year).
Personal Overview:
  • 150 Word description of yourself.
Business Plan:
  • Business Overview: A company overview (also known as company information or a company summary) is the most important points about your company—your history, management, team, location and mission statement.
Products & Services:
  • Please give a brief overview of your products and services.
Operation Plan:

Please give a brief overview of your operations plan. This must include: administrative and management functions; design functions (product development).

Demographic profile of Target Market:

Please give a brief overview of your business’ demographic profile target market.

Direct & Indirect competitors:

Please give a brief overview of your direct and indirect competitors.

Competitive advantage:

What is your competitive advantage?

Marketing Plan:

Please give an overview of your marketing strategy. This should include: brand identity, promotion strategy, advertising, public relations, etc.

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