Graduate Membership

Cape Town Fashion CLASS is a free membership open to all Fashion Students, Graduates, and Postgrads. As a member, you qualify for multiple CTFC and partnering platforms such as; The CONNECT, The CTFC annual Graduate Fashion Recruitment Showcase (FGRS) and Messe Frankfurt’s Allfashion Young Designers Competition, and more…


Who Should Apply
  • Fashion Students – Must be studying at an accredited institution within South Africa.
  • Graduates & Postgraduates – Must have studied at an accredited institution in South Africa and not exceeded the CTFC’s 5 year limit.

(CTFC’s 5 Year limit – you still qualify for the CLASS membership up until 5years after your Graduation date.)

  • Access to CTFC’s CONNECT Network.
  • Be the first to know, when it comes to CTFC’s Partnering Competitions & Events.
  • Access to CTFC’s Skills Development Program.

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Designer Membership

The DESIGNERS membership is a community-driven platform that offers you access to industry Collaboration, networking opportunities, and networking events, access to the;  Access to Market, Skills Development, and partnering programs hosted by the CTFC.

Who Should Apply
  • Must be a registered designer
  • Please note that some requirements may be added or differ as it is dependent per project and partnership requirements.


  • Access to Connect Network
  • Access to the Accelerated reboot program
  • Access to Press Releases and Events on The CONTRIBUTOR Website
  • Access to the CTFC Market place

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Industry Membership

The Cape Town Fashion CONNECT is a business based community that is designed for everyone & everything fashion related. This is a space for you to list and market your business while boosting your brand visibility directly to your consumer. Whether your business is a CMT or an accounting agency wanting to increase its footprint within the fashion value chain.

This membership service was designed and developed to help you and your business connect! The site gives you access to search products and services within industry-specific categories and by geographical location to ensure the ease of business.

The CONNECT membership comprises of 2 packages to choose from; Preferred Suppliers, and the Business directory.

Preferred Suppliers: In exchange for providing a discounted rate to CTFC Members, Preferred Supplier members will have the added benefit of the CTFC direct marketing platform. Gain access to CTFC’s extended advertising opportunities on Newsletter, Social Media, and advertorials on the Contributor member’s website.

Industry Directory: List your business and be part of the CONNECT community, this is a FREE membership option. Non-Registered companies may apply.

Who Should Apply
  • If you have a business that caters to any need of the Fashion Value Chain, you should apply.
  • Preferred suppliers are required to be registered businesses


(Please note, the CONNECT platform is currently unavailable for designers & fashion brands to sign up.)

  • Be part of building an all-encompassing fashion community.
  • B2B networking.
  • Boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Direct marketing to your customers.

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Contributor Membership

The Cape Town Fashion CONTRIBUTOR is an all-new open-source content sharing platform. This digital platform is designed to host fashion events, news, opinions pieces, and press releases, all in a collective, digital space.

We’re inviting journalists, bloggers, vloggers, and photographers with prior experience to share their existing content as well as have the opportunity to source paid-for content that will be published on the CTFC website cover pages.

Fashion CONTRIBUTORS categories are as follows:

  • News
  • Beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Events
  • LGBTQ+
  • Education
  • Photography
  • Styling
  • Retail
Who Should Apply
  • Journalist: A qualified journalist qualification.
  • Blogger/Vlogger: Must have 1000 or more followers.
  • Press releases: Registered PR agency or a CTFC Preferred Supplier.
  • Increased exposure for your brand, event, and influencer profile.
  • CTFC’s Platform links to your socials and website.
  • Gain Access to CTFC networks to generate paid content.
  • Free publishing.

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