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Our Mantra

Being CREATIVE means you value your resourcefulness more than your resources, that obstacles only give you opportunities, and when no one has done it before, it just means you have the chance to be first.

Collaboration and reciprocity are the tools we use to create a community where we are more than the sum of our parts, lifting ourselves to global society as we CONNECT with the best in our country and the world.

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The uncommon “common sense” we choose to live by keeps our minds open and questioning to challenge our experiences and assumptions. This earns us perspective and insight that drives the VISION we have for a better tomorrow.

That is why we strive to INSPIRE everyone we touch, so even when they doubt their own ability, they can get the fuel that feeds the fires of their imagination from our example and the work that we’ve done.

We believe that success requires us to push beyond ideas, and that makes us a CATALYST of real change – activating the hopes, dreams, and yearnings within a person so they reach beyond what seems into what could be when they believe they can.

That’s how we recruit fellow TRAILBLAZERS that partner with us as we set our sights beyond the impossible, and in the process prove that fashion isn’t a fad and that a fashionista can revolutionize an industry.